The Friday 5

  1.  The Housing Market: There is a housing shortage.  In the south metro there’s not much in that starter price range under $250,000.  Here’s what’s currently available in Single Family Homes in Dakota County under $250,000. The housing market literally needs your home and we’ve got a tool to uses local MLS data to ballpark the value of your home via email.
  2. What We’re Doing: We are looking for HELP!!  There is an immediate need for administrative help who can grow into leadership and project management.  Real estate experience preferred and not required.  Attitude and integrity are everything – the rest can be taught.  Interested?  Start here.
  3. What We’re Eating: Vietnamese pho at Pho Everest at the corner of Dodd and Cedar next to Caribou.  In a metropolitan area with GREAT Vietnamese food offerings, Pho Everest stands with the best.  Unfamiliar with the food?  The staff is knowledgable and kind – and will guide you to the good stuff. My favorite is the Special Pho.  It is.
  4. What We’re Reading:  Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott.  While no one conversation can change a life, every single conversation could.  This book has improved my conversations with friends, family, and clients.  This would be a phenomenal book for a couple to read together.
  5. What We’re Doing This Weekend:  This is my weekend with the kids!   We’re heading up to Mojo Monkey Donuts and then to the state robot competition in St. Paul.  Sunday, I’m thinking a hike in Ritter Farm Park and a walk among the cattails.